Jesse Peterson: The Real Life Uncle Ruckus

Black people always complaining about slavery. Wasn’t nothing wrong with slavery. White people took us out the jungles of Africa. Gave us discipline, put structure in our lives. And what we do to show our appreciatiomarch up and protest. We vote.”
Meet Uncle Ruckus from the television show The Boondocks. He is a self-hating black man who venerates white people with a religious like devotion. Uncle Ruckus believes whites are totally flawless and holy. Uncle Rukus believes whites are  totally incapable of wrong-doings or malicious transgressions. He adores white people, lauding themfor every action and is an outspoken passionate apologetic for every atrocity perpetrated by whites.   Indeed, in one episode entitled ”The Passion of Uncle Ruckus” he becomes a preacher and evangelizes an strange form of Christianity that has been poisoned, distorted, and corrupted by an anti-black white supremacist ideology.

In his sermon he teaches his audience how to take the proper course of action to make it to heaven. “You want to make it to heaven. Well start off by asking yourself how is your relationship with the white man? Do you thank the white man for the food you eat and the clothes you wear? Huh? Well if you don’t you’re going to hell.” This is what Uncle Ruckus’ cult teaches; only by worshiping white people, along with a blond haired, blue-eyed, white Jesus (as well as the servant to white Jesus, none other than Ronald Reagan), can blacks be giving an eternal life of paradise in heaven.  

“God I have hated you my whole life for making me black. But now I see I must hate myself and all those like me and cause them misery just like your servant Ronald Reagan[1].”

While any sane individual would be able to recognize the idiocy and ridiculousness of his blatant white supremacist messages and laugh at it, Uncle Ruckus’ ideology, message and character epitomizes the modern-day black conservative republicans who vehemently deny the impact that institutionalized racism has on the social mobility of African-Americans. Uncle Ruckus is a fictional character but his ideology, message, and words represent, irrefutably, the modern day black Conservative who vehemently opposes any legislation to alleviate racial inequality.  The same black Conservatives who care nothing about helping. the poor, the downtrodden, or the oppressed.



Jesse Peterson is a real life Uncle Ruckus. He is the founder of “Bond,” an organization with an agenda that seeks to push Conservatism in black communities[2].  Anyone with the courage to speak about systematic oppression or recent atrocities against black Americans is devalued, criticized and seen merely as a ‘race hustler.’  Much like Uncle Ruckus, Jesse Peterson believes that African-Americans should be grateful to white people for enslaving them and taking us ‘out the jungles of Africa.’

On his radio station he stated that he thanks God and white people for slavery.  Arguing that without the slave trade black Americans today would be stuck in Africa, impoverished and unable to experience the ‘promised land” that is America[3]. This argument demonstrates a completely rudimentary, incompetent, and simplistic analysis of history. Peterson’s theory is, no doubt, the level of scrutiny and scholarly analysis we would expect of those whom subscribe to such a backward ideology.

The argument presented by Peterson is completely idiotic, completely overlooking the fact that the slave- trade and white imperialism devastated Africa, contributing greatly to its current underdeveloped,impoverished state. Similarly, the slave-trade and imperialism elevated the living conditions of white America and the rest of the western world. Free labor was the growth engine that catapulted America not white ingenuity.  Thus, if the slave trade had never been a major part of our history, there would be (without a shadow of a doubt) be a totally different social dynamic in existence today.

Image From Afrol

Prior to slavery, West Africa was home to some of the richest and most prosperous civilizations in the world. The Kingdom of Mali was the intellectual center of the world at the time— a black Islamic Kingdom, home to Timbuktu University[4]. Manuscripts were found indicating that these black scholars discovered the rotation of the planets long before their western counter-parts and made significant discoveries in astrology, geology, mathematics, physics, and many other areas[5].   In addition to Mali, there was also Songhai, Ghana and Jenne – a civilization that performed eye cataracts surgery during medieval times[6].


Did Africans fight each other in the past. Yes they did.  Historically man has always had conflict.  But never has the globe suffered as it did before the white capitalist arrived. Indeed, even the Tutsi and Hutu conflict was caused by Belgian imperalists.

Also, whites didn’t bring blacks to any “promised land.”   America is no promised land for the masses of black FAMILYpeople who are yearning to be free.  America has become a cesspool of African Americans, Latino’s and Hispanics suffering from massive unemployment, incarceration, and struggling for the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, and shelter.  Black Americans in the deeply impoverished areas of the South-Side of Chicago face many of the social problem sseen in Third-World Countries.  Ask the deceased soul ofYummy Sandifer, a South-Side of Chicago gang member whose crack-addicted mother was unable to provide him with even the most basic life structure.

While white sixth-graders were in school, most of whom had likely never even heard of crack-cocaine or seen a gun in their lives.  How about the 4’6′ young eleven year old Sandifer carrying out murders for a local gang and selling drugs to be able to afford things that most white people have handed to them at birth. He died at 11 years old when police suspected him of shooting a young girl.  Members of his own gang, fearing that if caught he would reveal information to the police, executed the child. America is no promised land for urban city black youth, but rather a hell hole[7].
Either it is true that without the slave-trade black Africans would be better off or Jesse Peterson has bought into (and widely spread) the lies perpetuated by white supremacy; spreading the belief that blacks are brainless, uncivilized, and incapable of social development—a view that is empirically denied when one studies the history of Ghana, Mali, Kemet, and ancient Ethiopia.

Jesse Peterson also believes that overcrowded airplanes are the modern day equivalent to the conditions of the ships used on the voyage of the transatlantic slave trade[8]. In addition to being a self-hating black man, Peterson is totally inept and downright stupid. How can anyone seriously compare the suffering of a person who voluntarily purchases tickets to go on an air-conditioned airplane, where one can still talk to their family members, where one can still breathe clearly and where one can still eat and be fed to the horror that is the transatlantic slave trade? Africans were kidnapped and placed into slave ships totally unaware of where they were being brought. Africans were separated from their family, separated from their homes, separated from their culture, and forced to take part of a voyage that lasted months where they were placed on the bottom of the slave ships, shackled, chained and often times raped. Their suffering, according to Jesse Peterson, is the equivalent of a white middle class family whom simply has to endure an overcrowded flight to go on a Disney Land trip in Paris. This man is seriously lacking in intelligence and the knowledge of history.
In additional to being a self-hating racist and a white supremacist with black skin—he is also a virulent misogynist dstating that America’s biggest mistake was not slavery, Jim Crow Legislation, or the genocide of native-Americans, but rather giving women the right to vote!

Jesse Peterson hates his black skin and loves white people. He believes that the destiny of the world is for blacks to be forever subservient to whites and refuses to criticize the white supremacist structure for anything. This man is devoid of character for the completely asinine comments he has made that trivializes the suffering our ancestors. He should be thoroughly ostracized from the black community and considered a 2 bit media hustler with valueless opinions.

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