Lauryn Hill: Strong Black Christian Woman

Lauryn Hill has now come under attack by the so-called liberal “progressive” community for her track entitled “Neurotic Society” which many have labeled transphobic and homophobic. Many liberals are now calling Lauryn Hill ‘bigoted’ and many other pejoratives. Lauryn Hill is a strong black Christian woman, and nowadays, as a result of several secular extremist movements, anyone with strong convictions in their faith will be labeled “homophobic” or “old-fashioned.”

Coming from the black Christian tradition, Lauryn Hill paints acts of what she perceives as “sexual immoralities” in the light of civilizations in the Bible that were destroyed, such as Sodom, Gomorra and Babylon. In response to these attacks coming her way, she stated, “Everyone has a right to their own beliefs. Although I do not necessarily agree with what everyone says or does.” She believes that acts of changing ones gender or acting opposite to ones sex is wrong , but indicates everyone has the right to believe and do what they want to.

Of course, this isn’t enough for liberals– anyone who isn’t actively promoting their lifestyle and stays firm to their religious beliefs will be ostracized as a bigot.

After all, according to much of modern day secular liberal philosophy (people like Richard Dawkins) religion and God are just things people made up and have no business being promoted! And liberals will not be satisfied until people abandon their religious tenets.

Lauryn Hill is very much influenced by the Bible and makes frequent references to the Bible in her songs. One author says about her:

“Though she’s a musician who consistently advocates on behalf of the oppressed, Hill might not extend her concerns to gay and lesbian communities,”

In the modern world, anyone who sticks by their religious tenets will be labeled a bigot. Lauryn Hill has every right to sing about Biblical principles.  If liberals don’t like it, they don’t have to buy her beautiful music-your loss!  It’s as simple as that, but I will continue playing her music:

                                                                                                                    say goodbye ,
To this decaying social system
He[God] wants to know, how far we’re willing to go
If we love him like we say we do,
He will try us
Just don’t regress,
Or slip into hopelessness
Once he’s satisfied his love,
He won’t deny us,


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